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  1. Wow Dana, 🙂
    Thank you for the quick reply. I have to tell ya, I am very close to the big 50 (next month) and while I am no expert, like you I have been cooking from a very young age. Not once had I ever been told the importance of sifting. I can look back and see what went wrong in some instances. I sincerely thank you. I also love the tip on putting a bowl of water in the oven, when baking. Thanks for sharing yours and Jennifer’s website. My family loves good old fashioned cooking and wow you ladies come along and break it down, so we all can benefit and understand. I am living proof you are never too old to learn something new everyday. I am so blessed!!!!

    Good Evening to you both and Happy Cooking,
    dorris maynard


  2. Hi Dana,
    I have a question for you. I currently don’t have a sifter but after reading about where you wrote, When in doubt, always sift flour before measuring. Why is that important? I have seen that written else where before.
    Happy Cooking,
    dorris maynard


    1. Hey Dorris, thanks for the question.
      When you sift flour you are incorporating air into the flour which creates a lighter product in weight, meaning 16oz of flour will weigh 15oz after sifting. So, it’s very important to remember that sifting effects measurements of your flour and that could make a big difference in the final outcome of your cakes, breads, cookies, or whatever you may be baking that calls for flour. It’s also important to pay close attention to how the recipe is written. If your recipe calls for ” x cups of sifted flour” then you want to sift before measuring! But if the recipe states ” x cups of flour, sifted” then you measure before sifting! Whew, are you totally confused now!
      Hope this helps,


  3. Hey Dana
    I made your biscuits last night. They were so easy and turned out perfect. Jim was impressed because he never gets homemade biscuits. I had never heard of using sour cream. Thanks for the recipe.
    Tammy Smith


    1. Thanks Tammy, glad you all enjoyed them.


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