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Matthew 13:16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

Psalms 115:15 Ye are blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth.


We at Southern Gals Cook are so EXCITED to announce that we are now affiliates with TASTE OF HOME magazine and you can shop TASTE OF HOME right from our site.


So, get your fav bev in hand, sit back, relax and follow the link below to shop, shop, shop!

And the best part, you don’t have to worry about dropping, your already sitting down!

(that’s a knee slapper joke right there)

Love y’all.  Happy Shopping!

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cookbookThanks and God Bless,



Strawberry Jam Recipe Contest! Who Will Be The Winner? YOU?

We have a lot of strawberries and we want to make Strawberry Jam!

DSCN2773We have a little problem though!  We have never made Strawberry Jam.

I know, right …… your thinking, “WHAT?”  but it’s true!

We have made pear preserves, blackberry jelly, apple jelly and apple butter, but never strawberry jam!

So, we are asking for your help.  Yep, that’s right, you, the person that’s reading this right now.

We are looking for heirloom strawberry jam recipes.  So, if you think you have the best heirloom recipe please share it with us in the comments section.  Tell us how you acquired the recipe and why its special to you and why we should use your recipe.

If we use your recipe we will share it with the world.  It will be posted in the jams and jellies section in our Recipe Box and we will give full credit to you.

Contest ends at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 29.

I know, its short notice but my (Dana) Aunt Tenito was driving down the road yesterday and found a couple of little Amish boys selling strawberries for $7.00 a gallon, so I had her to get us 2 gallons!

So, hurry and get out those recipe boxes and share, share, share!  Can’t wait to see all the great recipes!


Recipe of the Month: Fried Apples

Proverbs 7:2 Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

It’s almost apple harvest time and for this reason we have chosen Fried Apples as our recipe of the month!

These mouth-watering, succulent fried apples will leave you craving more, so make a double batch!

They are especially delicious poured over homemade biscuits!  YUM, YUM!


5-6 medium to large apples, sweet and juicy variety

1 stick butter, not margarine

1 cup white sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar, firmly packed


Peel, core and quarter apples; place into a 12″ skillet

Cut butter up on top of apples and pour on the white sugar

Add brown sugar and then turn on the heat

Bring apples to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently to prevent scorching

Once they start to boil, reduce heat to medium low and cook until apples are tender.

Pour into your favorite bowl and enjoy!

HINT:  Make sure and save all the juice, you will see why at the end of this post!

“Larapin” is how my husband describes these fried apples.  I have figured out that this means really, really good in a southern manner!

They are especially “larapin” when served over homemade biscuits!  Remember I told you to save the juice?

His plate when I recently cooked fried apples for supper with lots of juice poured over the biscuits!


NOTE:  Check out additional apple recipes in the Cakes, Cobblers and Pies recipe section!

Apple Pie

Posted by Dana

My husband challenged me the other day.  He came across a picture of apple pie and asked me why I had never made one.  Well, I am not a big pie maker, never have been, but he asked me if I would make one.  The last time I made an apple pie, that I can really remember, was probably 20 years ago or longer.  But I rose to the challenge and attempted to make an apple pie, with homemade crust and all!  It took me a while, because I wanted to get it just right, but I finally got the pie made, baked and cooled.  My husbands comments after the first bite, “That is the best apple pie I ever eat in my life.  This needs to go on your site!”  I think he is a little partial, but nonetheless, I posted it.  I didn’t take but one picture, because I wasn’t sure how it was gonna turn out, but hubby did make me take a picture of the end result.

And here it is ..... I even put the pretty leaves on it!

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