Southern Banana Nut Bread

Posted by: Dana

There’s banana bread, and then there’s good banana bread.

I’ve had banana bread that was just okay.

But I wanted a really, really good banana bread.


So, I found several recipes and took all my favorite ingredients from each one and came up with this recipe.

My husband says it’s the best banana bread he has ever eaten!

I hope you will make this and enjoy it with your family.



     ½ cup real butter, softened

     ½ cup white sugar

     ½ cup brown sugar, packed

     2 eggs

     2-3 very ripe bananas, mashed

     1 teaspoon vanilla extract

     2 cups self-rising flour

     ½ cup sour cream

     ¾ cup chopped pecans


Preheat oven to 350°F.  Grease sides and bottom of 2 non-stick loaf pans; set aside.

Combine butter, white and brown sugar in a large mixing bowl and beat on high speed until mixture is creamy.

Add eggs and beat until light and fluffy.

Blend in bananas and vanilla

I guess you have noticed I make a mess when I bake.

Add half the flour and half the sour cream and blend just until flour disappears. Add remaining flour and sour cream and blend as before.

I use an old hand mixer because I am too cheap to buy one of the fancy schmancy ones!

Fold in pecans

Yes, that’s a Pampered Chef spatula and mixing bowl you see.

I love everything that The Pampered Chef makes.

I’ve had my spatulas for about 10 years and they are still in very good shape and I use them everyday. (Nice plug for The Pampered Chef)

Pour evenly into prepared loaf pans

I know!  My pans look a little rough, but I have baked a lot of banana bread!

Now it’s time to bake!

The aroma coming from your kitchen as this bread is baking will be almost too much for you to take.

But hang in there, the bread will soon be done and then you can devour it!

Bake for about 45-55 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean.

Make sure you cool the bread for about 10 minutes on wire rack before removing from pans.

By cooling it first the bread should just fall right out of the pan when turned upside down.

Yummy, it’s done! Dig in and enjoy!

And don’t forget to slather it with butter!

NOTE:  This is a bread recipe not a cake recipe.  The recipe will not produce a high rising bread.  It’s rise will be about 3 to 4 inches.  For a higher rise on the bread you might consider using only 1 (one) loaf pan or doubling the recipe and continue to use the 2 (two) loaf pans.


33 responses

  1. Would love to receive heirloom recipes


    1. Me and my wife love to cook together, and we were looking for a good banana bred recipe! WOW! This is the best recipe I have ever had! We made two loaves with almonds and two with blueberries…….The blueberries and almonds were the only alteration to your post….I have to say Super Fantastic! I had to make myself stop eating them! Keep up the great posts!



      1. Hey, thanks y’all. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe and that you found ways to make it your own. Also, thank you for the words of encouragement. I have been a little lacked on posting recipes but your comment had made me want to get back in there and start posting more on a regular basis. Thanks and God Bless.


  2. I just made it and it still was uncooked in the middle. I don’t know what I did wrong. 😦


    1. Oh Amanda, I’m so sorry! There a lot of factors that could affect how some things bake. Humidity, altitude, oven type (convection vs. conventional), the type pan used, etc. Would any of these I’ve mentioned have been a challenge for you?


  3. Hello,
    I made this last night, but it came out dry. I did try to follow the recipe. Any thoughts on where I went wrong? Could I have mixed something too long? Or should I have put in 3 bananas?



    1. Hi Veronica,
      So sorry your bread was dry:(
      Using underripe bananas could have caused your bread to be dry. I always us very ripe bananas (lots of brown and black in the skin) when making banana bread. The riper the banana the moister the bread. If you only used 2 bananas, you could try three next time. I think the key is banana ripeness though.
      Thanks, Dana


      1. I pull the bread out of the oven when a knife inserted in the middle comes out slightly wet. then 5min after its out of the oven i pop it out of the pan and wrap it in foil to cool the rest of the way. it will also finish cooking in the middle. bread was very moist and yummy when it cooled completely


        1. Thank you! Glad you are enjoying the bread!


  4. WOW!! What a wonderful recipe! Very simple to make and the results were fantastic!! I also make a mango nut bread and this would be a great base for that as well. Substitute mashed mango for the banana…YUM ❤️


    1. Thanks Sue. Glad you found this! I have never heard of mango nut bread, but it sounds delicious, I may have to try that!


  5. Cecilia Armendariz | Reply

    Can I make this with Splenda ?@


    1. Hi Cecilia,
      I’ve never used Splenda but I don’t see why you couldn’t. Try and let me know how it turns out.
      Thanks, Dana


  6. Hi! Wanna try this. Would there be any variation in cooking time if I made mini loaves instead?


    1. Hi Mechelle. I have made mini loaves but I don;’t remember how long they baked. I do remember it didn’t take them as long. I would just check them about half way through to see if they are done. Just stick a toothpick in the center and if it comes out clean there done. I hope this helps.


  7. can this be frozen?


    1. Oh absolutely DeBorah. Just make sure to wrap it tightly in freezer paper to keep freezer burn and ice crystals from forming. Also, make sure the bread is completely cooled before freezing. I would recommend placing it in the fridge for a couple of hours before placing in the freezer. Good luck.


  8. It’s in the oven now! I made them into muffins…and added chocolate chips in place of the nuts (we’re not big nut fans).


    1. Sounds awesome Stefanie! Hope you enjoy them. Wish I could have one!


  9. Amazingly delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Millison! We are always so excited to hear when our friends like our recipes!


  10. I used 1.5 c banana, 1.5 t baking soda, all purpose flour instead of self rising, Greek vanilla yogurt instead of sour cream (plus the 1 t vanilla). I put it in the 0 degree garage to seal in moisture when it came out of the oven. Hands-down, the BEST I’ve EVER had! So moist! And really, doesn’t need the butter! But my bf cannot have it without the butter… Sacreligious, I’m sure!


    1. Sounds delicious Nikki. Great way to take a recipe and make it your own. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Absolutely delicious! The first recipe I found online used 2 sticks of butter, so I passed on that one. I tried your recipe, used all purpose flour and added baking powder and salt in place of self rising flour. Used light sour cream, since it’s what I had on hand. So very good! Thank you so much.


    1. Thanks Correen. So glad you enjoyed it!


  12. Cecilia Stanfill | Reply

    I just got done making this recipe, minus the pecans because I don’t like them. But it is a very good recipe. I didn’t use a bread pan, but rather a glass brownie dish and it turned out amazingly well. It was my very first time making banana bread and it is very moist. When I flipped it over to take it out of the dish, it fell right out. I must say.. This is the recipe that I will always use. I think that next time I will add in some chocolate chips just to try it out. I made it as a surprise for my boyfriend because he looooooves banana bread and he said it is one of the best recipes that he has ever tasted. Thank you for posting this. It’s amazing. Gob bless.


    1. Thank you much Cecilia for your kind words. We are so glad you visited SGC and tried one of our recipes.
      God Bless and we hope to hear more from you.


  13. Sounds so yummy and I happen to have 5 ripe bananas ready to blend. I just filled one loaf pan and four muffin cups. We will know the outcome in 45-55 mins;)


  14. It really taste good but it did not rise!!! 😦


    1. We are so sorry Stacey! We are sadden that you did not have good results with this recipe:( Just a note though, this is a bread and will not rise as high as a cake. This bread will only rise about 3 to 4 inches. If you want a higher rise on the bread then we would suggest using only 1 (one) loaf pan or doubling the recipe and continue to use the 2 (two) loaf pans. Oh, and make sure you use self-rising flour, not all-purpose. It really does make a difference. Let us if this helps:)


  15. Just made this. Absolutely wonderful! This recipe is a keeper!!!!


    1. Thanks Dee Anna, glad you enjoyed it! Also, thanks for your support!


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