So God Made A Lineman; Unsung Heroes

Genesis 1:3:  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

In 1752 Ben Franklin tied a key to a kite string during a storm and proved that static electricity and lightning were the same. His correct understanding of the nature of electricity paved the way for the future.

Eventually, electricity would find its way into homes all across the world.  And with that there would be a need for someone to bring this wonderful invention into these homes.

Therefore, God made a Journey Lineman!

And on a great day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need someone to supply electricity to homes.” So God made a Lineman.


I need someone willing to leave the warmth of his bed in the middle of the night, climb a pole, handle 7200 volts of electricity and risk his life to restore power to those without.”  So God made a Lineman

“I need someone with arms strong enough to pull wire into the air, yet gentle enough to hold his family when he returns home.  Someone who comes home hungry but works tirelessly to feed his family and take care of his livestock before he feeds himself.”  So God made a Lineman

In air

God said, “I need someone willing to stay in his hooks all night during a storm, repair a cross arm, replace a pole, change a transformer; someone to work in extreme heat to frigidly cold temperatures. Someone who can deal with natural disasters, yet still attend to everyday tasks. Someone who can use a digger truck and a skid-steer loader to get through the mud.” So God made a Lineman.


God had to have someone willing to ride the line at double speed to quickly troubleshoot problems and remove hazards from the lines.  Someone who has steady footing and the strength to lift as much as 100 pounds while climbing a pole. So God made a Lineman.

in the sky

God said, “I need someone who knows the importance of safety.  Someone who will not cut corners.  Someone willing to wear his rubber gloves and rubber sleeves for protection.  Someone that knows one wrong move could cost him his life and possibly the life of a friend.  Someone who can trust, lead, support and pray for his Lineman brothers.”  So God made a Lineman.


Rest easy


“God needed someone who would pull a family together with the soft strong bonds of loving, caring, sharing and prayer, who would laugh and then sigh, with smiling eyes, when his son says he wants to spend his life ‘doing what Dad does.'” So God made a Lineman.


I am so proud of my Journeyman Lineman.

My Lineman

And at the end of the day I know God looks down on him with a smile and says,” Job well done!”

With the temperatures at sub-zero please support your local Lineman.

If you see them tirelessly working to restore power in your community please show your thanks by offering them a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  Or, even a warm meal.

Most of the time these guys have worked many, many hours without food or something hot to drink, I know they will appreciate the thought!

God Bless ALL the Lineman and THANK YOU for doing what you do!


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