My first visit to an Amish Grocery!

Posted by Dana

Deuteronomy 27:3 And thou shalt write upon them all the words of this law, when thou art passed over, that thou mayest go in unto the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, a land that floweth with milk and honey; as the LORD God of thy fathers hath promised thee.

So, my husband and I took our annual trip to Amish country to buy tomato slips for our garden.

We also buy our feed for our goats, dogs and chickens from the Amish.

As we were making our way through the winding roads we happened upon an Amish grocery store.

Well, needless to say, we had to stop.  And oh what joy it was to shop in that grocery.

Here are just a few items we bought.


And would you look at the price on that pepper.

I love the price on this pepper. That’s about 16 oz for $1.90.

I also love that it makes me fell like a professional chef when I use it because I have to pinch it between my fingers and sprinkle it on the food.

You know, like they do on the Food Network.  LOL

And the celery seed …. can you believe we bought about 16 oz for $1.00?

And the honey and sorghum is soooooo good.

I use honey in lieu of sugar in my coffee.  Taste better and better for you.

And the best part again is the price.  $4.75 for the honey and $2.50 for the sorghum.


We also bought a pound of mini chocolate chips for $3.15.

We bought several other things but these items were the best of our bounty.

If you ever get the chance to visit an Amish grocery I urge you to do so.

You can buy staple items at cheaper prices and its so much fun to visit with the local Amish.  They have so much more knowledge about homesteading and you can learn so much from them.

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