Oops! Well this is embarrassing!

Posted by Dana

Big oops, and somewhat embarrassing!  Here I have begged for comments and hopefully someone has tried to leave one, but then you couldn’t because you were advised to log in before you could leave a comment!  First, let me say I am so sorry, it is totally my fault you couldn’t leave a comment.  I had my settings all wrong, but now I think I have it fixed and you should be able to leave comments and replies.  Yes, I am blond and yes, when my husband hears about this he will give me a hard time!  But it’s all in fun.  So, here I am begging again for comments and replies.  And yes, feel free to have a good laugh on me, I did!  As a matter of fact, why not share some of your most embarrassing moments with us.  Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then.

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